Sand scratches, oxidation, rough swirl marks, and water stains are all easily removed with 3M Auto Care Rubbing Compound. Our liquid compound is secure for enamel, lacquer, and clear coat paint finishes and leaves little swirl marks. This automobile rubbing compound restores the fresh, shiny appearance of auto body finishes that have become drab and worn out. Redesign Your Car, Truck, or Van's Exterior. The gloss and sheen that make a vehicle shine out on a bright day are restored with 3M Auto Care Rubbing Compound. Our automobile rubbing substance serves two purposes by smoothing and cleaning surfaces. The scratch pattern created by abrasives from earlier sanding treatments is removed during compounding. It should successfully remove little sanding scratches from the gelcoat. It cleans the surface by eliminating oxidation, water spots, and other stains and defects while it smoothes the surface. A Superior Finish with Few Swirl Marks

Our automobile rubbing compound creates a high-quality, professional finish that aids in minimising the visibility of coarse swirl marks. Because of its rapid cut formulation, restoration is simpler and takes less time to complete.

  • Compound eliminates sanding-induced scratches.
  • Formula dissolves oxidation, stains, and surface imperfections efficiently
  • Application yields a brilliant gloss with hardly any swirl marks or holograms.
  • Quick-cut formulation speeds up compounding
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