TDG (The Detailing Gang) is committed to the best 9H Ceramic Coating services at an affordable price. We offer 9H Ceramic Coating for Small Car with 1 year warranty starting from Rs.7,999/-. The warranty can be extended by 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years & Lifetime on add-on facility. Check Price for Your Car.

Our USP for 9H Ceramic Coating

The Detailing Gang has taken a unique step towards 100% transparency in the car care segment to meet genuine quality.

  • 100% Genuine & Original Products
  • Maintaining the Quality of Services
  • We Work in front of Live Camera
  • Live Telecast All Working
  • Customer Can Watch on YouTube Live
  • Free Pick & Drop Services
  • Check Price for Your Car.

Premium Amenities

The Detailing Gang is one of the largest car detailing studio outlet having super space of 2000 sq ft area with two studios.

  • AC Waiting Lounge
  • Free Wifi Zone
  • Smart TV
  • Free Snacks & Tea
  • Free Nitrogen Topup
  • Free Air Topup
  • Free Pickup & Drop*
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World Class Cleaning Machinery

The Detailing Gang Car Care Studio Outlet equipped with Hi-Tech & Hi-End latest Machinery.

  • Snow Foam Washing System
  • Under Body Cleaning Lift
  • Under Body Anti-Rust Coating System
  • Nitrogen Air Filling System
  • Infrared Paint Curing System
  • Paint Correction Rubbing System
  • Paint Glossy Polish System
  • Check Price for Your Car.

What is 9H in ceramic coating?

The ceramic coating is tested for hardness at 9H after it has totally dried on the surface it was applied on. It is based on the "Pencil Hardness Test," which evaluates the scratch resistance of cured coatings using genuine graphite pencils. The 9H Ceramic Coating from The Detailing Gang is a 2-3 micron thick nano coating that protects your car against weather, chemicals, UV radiation, scratches, stone chips, and iron powder. Extremely hydrophobic Armour's 9H Ceramic Coating offers outstanding water beading while shielding paint against dust, oil, and other pollutants.

How long does a 9H ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coatings have a long lifespan that might range from a few months to several years. With the right upkeep and care, your ceramic coating will last anywhere between two and five years, according to professional-grade ceramic coatings from The Detailing Gang. The Detailing Gang offers a lifetime guarantee on many expert ceramic finishes.

How much does 9H Ceramic Coating cost?

For compact automobiles, Detailing Gang offers #1 ceramic coating services from at Rs. 7,999. Receive a one-year guarantee with each 9H Ceramic Coating Service, and for a modest fee, you may extend the warranty to two years, three years, five years, seven years, or lifetime.

Get Free Re-Coating Services Every Year and Free Bead-Booster Services Every Half-Yearly During the Warranty Period.

During the warranty term, we will provide complimentary re-coating services for any three portions of your car that were damaged in an accident. We will charge you for the cost of rubbing and polishing the repainted area (if necessary). Check Price for Your Car.

What is H in ceramic coating?

Hardness is indicated by the H in 9H ceramic coating and 10H. Hardness is abbreviated as H. The capacity of a surface to resist deformation is referred to as hardness, much like a hard helmet that shields your head. for example, damage, scrape, or alter its look.

How hard is 9H?

The Moh scale of mineral hardness is connected with 9H. This scale, which runs from 1 to 10, was created in 1812 by Friedrich Mohs, with glass occupying the middle five positions and diamond at the top.

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Is Ceramic Coating Better Than Wax?

Ceramic coatings provide a far better level of durability than wax. They outperform wax in terms of resistance to heat, UV radiation, environmental pollutants, and severe detergents. On the other hand, wax only covers the painted surface. In contrast to ceramic coatings, it does not produce a chemical bond.

Is ceramic coating worth it on a new car?

It is advantageous to have your automobile coated as soon as you buy it since you'll need to do less paint correction or prep work, which may save you time and money. Your car's exterior is further protected by the ceramic coating, which requires no upkeep and keeps it looking like new.

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Can ceramic coating be done in 1 day?

It takes just a few hours to apply a ceramic coating on a typical-sized car. Your automobile must then spend the next 24 hours in a controlled atmosphere to heal properly. The ceramic coating procedure might take longer than normal due to a few considerations, however.

Which car coating is best?

Both Teflon and Ceramic provide your automobile with respectable paint protection. But in this case, ceramic outperforms Teflon because it provides better value and long-lasting permanent protection. Ceramic coating is the ideal option if cost is not a concern for you.

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Is ceramic coating is worth?

Ceramic coating is a worthwhile investment. It offers excellent defence against corrosion and the effects of the environment. To ensure the long-term paint integrity of your car, it is a good idea to invest in ceramic coating services.

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