Meguiar's M788 Deep Crystal Ceramic Paint Coating - True Si02 Ceramic Coating is now available in India, it is long term protection of car paint work. It is a professional grade solution for long term paint protection and durability. Meguiar's M788 Deep Crystal Ceramic Paint Coating is a true ceramic Si02 coating designed to be very forgiving during application, while still providing the durability, protection and water beading you would expect from a ceramic coating.

This unique formulation minimizes the chances of high spots. Meguiar's M788 Deep Crystal Ceramic Paint Coating, a Meguiar's Tri-Layer No-Scratch Applicator and a 6 oz bottle of Meguiar's M122 Surface Prep for maximum bonding, adhesion and effectiveness.

To maintain maximum smoothness, shine and hydrophobic properties. It offers strong resistance to all wash chemicals, road salts, and can help withstand micro-marring. You will be amazed at how glossy, smooth to the touch and hydrophobic this coating is. , If you want to protect your paint with a high-quality coating, Maguire's Deep Crystal Paint Ceramic Coating M788 is a great choice.


The Detailing Gang is a best choice for luxury car owners, because there is a group of professional car detailers.

  • BIGGEST CENTRE: The Detailing Gang is the largest car detailing studio outlet in South Delhi with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 2000 square feet with double studios equipped with high-end machinery and premium amenities.
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  • LIVE TELECAST: Detailing Gang eager to live telecast to valuable customer so that customer can watch all activities on YouTube Live.
  • LOWEST PRICE: The Detailing Gang has been able to quote the lowest as this studio is buildup on our own property, as a result of which we are able to maintain the price economically.
  • HALF-YEARLY FREE BOOSTER: Get Free bead booster services every six months. Our professional team will wash the vehicle and inspect its paint-work prior to each bead-booster service.
  • ANNUALLY FREE COATING: Get Free coating services annually. . Our professional team will wash the vehicle and inspect its paint-work prior to each free coating service.


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