For neglected or misused finishes on a range of automobiles, Meguiar's Rubbing - Polishing is excellent for bringing back colour and clarity. Meguiar's Compound is a revolutionary compound that cuts quickly without harming your car's finish, even the clear-coat.

When eliminating imperfections, swirl marks from previous polishings, oxidation, and scratches from the body of your car, this recipe will help you save time and effort. Compared to more conventional rubbing and polishing compounds, Meguiar's Compound saves time while delivering higher-quality results.

To generate high-quality car restoration for its customers, Meguiar's Rubbing Compound uses a unique micro-abrasive technology that was created from high-end professional detailer and body shop products. For best results, add gloss and vitality to your automobile by using Meguiar's Ultimate Compound with a Dual Action (DA) Polisher or by hand.

Your go-to rubbing compound will be Meguiars Ultimate Compound! To get flawless results in one step, use a dual action polisher or apply it by hand to any kind of paint. Apply the chosen Meguiar's polish and wax, such as Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Wax, as a follow-up. Check Price