Rain Water Treatment

Foul / Bad Smell Treatment: In India, rainwater accumulated over automobile doors is quite typical during the rainy season. In most cities, a little light rain is all it takes for the streets to transform from calm streams and then swiftly become roaring rivers. Floods are kryptonite to cars, despite how persuasive certain TV commercials may seem. Yes, most automobiles can operate in a foot or less of water for a few minutes, but lingering in deep water for a lengthy period is strongly discouraged. Despite this, flooding in India is unavoidable.


What to do first when a vehicle becomes trapped in rainwater for a while

  • This has to be emphasized more than any other: Don't Try Starting the Car. Every single part of an automobile, including the engine and gearbox, is susceptible to water damage.
  • Get As Much of The Water Out - Water may do serious harm to whatever it comes in touch with when it sits still for an extended length of time.
  • Maintain Car Ventilation - Your issues are not resolved by just draining the water from your automobile. You must start drying out the soaked regions right away.

Removing Complete Water from the Interior / Also Removing Complete foul smell

  • Visit a showroom and replace the interior: While this is the quickest method to get rid of odours and water from the automobile, it is also the most expensive and illogical solution. Changing the whole decor will be expensive and ineffective.
  • Visit The Detailing Gang Powered by Ola Car Wash: We are expertise in this segment of treatment, that is specifically for flooded automobiles, and we are experts in this area of treatment. This approach is a lot more reasonable, rational, and effective.


Step-1: Removing of Seats

First of all, all of the seats were removed from the car.


Step-2: Removing of Floor Carpet

The whole floor carpet and any foam that is linked to it will be taken out.


Step-3: Clearing the Stored Water

After removing the floor carpet, we now check to see whether any water has accumulated in the jigsaw pattern on the bottom of the vehicle. If it has, we remove it and thoroughly clean it.


Step-4: Cleaning the Floor Carpet

After the carpet has been removed, it will be examined to see whether it can be used again or if the sweet rainwater has caused it to rot. We strive to utilize the original carpet wherever possible, but if it were in good condition, this mat might be used once again. The carpet will next be completely cleaned using cleaning agents since it is the major source of odors and must be spotless.


Step-5: Drying the Carpet

After washing, the carpet has to dry in direct sunshine so that all odors are eliminated. Depending on the environment, this may take 3 to 4 days or more.

Step-6: Refitting the Entire Interior

This is the most crucial and crucial step. After the carpet has dried, the entire interior will be fitted again in the same locations with extreme care since even a little error might affect the entire interior. So, only a specialist will carry out this procedure.

Benefit of Treatment

  • Pocket Friendly
  • Logical
  • Efficient
  • Takes just 1 week or less
  • Retain your Original Interior


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