We understand. When it comes to keeping your car looking great, you are open to trying anything that can do the trick.

To get rid of those scratches, stain marks, dirt, grime, and other stuff, you've tried all the basics, like daily washing and monthly waxing. Despite all the washing, they still return the following day with swirl marks.

Therefore, you come up with another idea. You can keep your car looking pristine day in and day out with just a little regular maintenance.

Chemical etching and oxidation can be dealt with by a one-time application that you then ignore for years.

Ceramic coatings, the magical potions that everyone is raving about, are the latest trend for cars. This isn't a brand-new concept.

The naysayers, however, remain? What about those who doubt its reliability? Can the ceramic coating be criticized?

Does it prevent dirt and grime from sticking to your car? Let's investigate. Check Price

What is Ceramic Coating?

It was designed originally for the oil and space industries but has now been widely adopted by the automotive industry. This is due to its effectiveness. Can you explain what 9H coating is? Ceramic coatings can be explained by imagining them as a second layer of skin, or as a protective layer covering the clear coat on your car. A thin layer of invisible capillaries is created with nanotechnology by tiny particles.

When these particles have been applied to a surface, those small particles seal all the pores that exist there, making the surface hydrophobic (water repellent), as well as resistant to UV scratches, chemicals, heat, and even anti-graffiti. There is no opacity in this extraordinary Ceramic layer.

An industrial-grade ceramic coating protects vehicles from external paint damage by covering their exteriors with a chemical polymer solution. Applying it by hand creates a hydrophobic layer of protection on top of your car's paint.

As a result of this chemical bonding and the creation of a new layer, the factory paint job of the car remains intact.

Even though many car enthusiasts and even some detailers believe ceramic coating is an alternative to the clear bra (paint protection film), it is an alternative to waxing. A clear coat is designed to protect the paintwork from dirt, grime, and stain marks. Check Price

Advantages Of Ceramic Coating (PROS)

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Your car's paint job can be damaged by the sun's harmful UV rays. Your car's paint will be protected from oxidization due to ceramic coating, preventing it from fading and wearing out. The benefits of ceramic coating cannot be overstated.

Protection from Chemical Stains

Another potential damage to your car is chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants in the air. Paint protection prevents these pollutants from bonding to the paint. Ceramic coatings can be a great relief in a city where air pollution rates continue to rise.


A water-repellent substance is hydrophobic. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, which is one of their most important features.

Essentially, this means that water will be repelled instantly. Water beads up on the surface of the car after it has been coated with ceramic coating, and dirt is unable to attach to the paint because of the coating's hydrophobic surface. This is the most common demonstration when asked "what is the ceramic coating?". It can eliminate dirt and dust from the car much more easily than usual. The effort is minimal. Compared to any other paint job, a ceramic coating protects your vehicle's surface much more effectively. When rain and water are bad, they do not accumulate on the surface. When water freezes, it doesn't adhere to the surface. Furthermore, when it comes to mud, as demonstrated above, it simply tends to slide off.


As compared to ordinary paint jobs, the ceramic coating or nano-coating works much harder to protect your vehicle's surface. These coatings have the particular characteristic of bonding quickly to the paint of your car, so vibrations or outside forces will not loosen them, allowing them to last for a couple of years, not just a few months.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Coating (CONS)

Ceramic coatings have the disadvantage of scratching and leaving water spots, as well as being costly and requiring professional installation.

Despite several layers of liquid polymer and other hard materials, nothing can completely protect a car. Ceramic coatings repel water, but they do not remove it, and they may leave marks.

Ceramic coating materials must meet exact specifications to offer an effective barrier, which is a difficult process. In addition to this, there is a high demand for ceramic coating materials.

Material creation for ceramic coatings is a complex process since they must be precise to produce an effective barrier. This, along with growing demand, has driven up the price of ceramic coatings.

Additionally, coating a car with ceramic requires a lengthy and difficult process. The quality of at-home kits varies greatly and results are often less than satisfactory. It takes more time and money to get the best results with professional help.

Process Of Ceramic Coating

  • Pre-Snow Foam Wash: All Dirt And Mud From Car Paint will be Removed by Snow Foam Wash.
  • Full Exterior Detailing: Full Exterior will be Detailed and Cleaned. Logo, Alloys, Tyres, Wheel Arcs, Doors, etc will be detailed and Cleaned.
  • Full Interior Car Spa: Interior will be vacuumed & Cleaned in a Detailing Manner.
  • Clay Treatment: It will remove completely Tar and stuck dirt from the car paint Surface, also it will cut down the roughness of the paint and make it much smoother than earlier.
  • Compound Rubbing: Exterior Compounding will be done to remove all possible removable Swirls Marks And Scratches. Compounding will be done in Dual Step (Double layer) Rubbing Manner.
  • Paint Correction: Day by Day Usage of Cars makes their Paint Dull and Faded. By Compounding, it will correct the paint and also give the Car a Brand New look.
  • Post-Snow Foam Wash: Post Washing is as much as Important as Pre-wash, because it removes all remaining residues of Compounds.
  • Polishing: Double Layer Polishing; First Base Coat will be applied so it will hold a strong base of the paint. A secondary Shine coat will be applied to give the car its brand new look along with exclusive Gloss.
  • IsoProp: Removal of Chemical Impurities from the Paint Surface.
  • Ceramic Coat: Multi-Layer Application of Crystal Ceramic Coat will be applied on the complete Exterior Visual Area of the Car Such As the Body, Plastic Part, and Metal Parts. It will lock out cars’ Gloss and the Hydrophobic effect of car paint. It will also protect it from the Sun UV Rays protect it from minor marks.
  • Ceramic Coat Curing: Finally Car will go for the Curing. Ceramic Coat needs time under light to make the bond with the car paint for providing the best protection of car paint.
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