We The Detailing Gang is a facilitator of the above mentioned machines, tools and materials; we are trying to find a better solution for you so that you can start car washing business easily. We have worked hard to assemble the above mentioned products, machinery and equipment that could be suitable for door to door car wash module. It is a one-piece arrangement to meet your business needs.

The above mentioned products, machinery and equipment, services are supplied by our alliance or channel partners who will provide standard support and warranties; However, we will share details relating to genuine suppliers or manufacturing of related products, machines or equipment for further action on your behalf.

We are committed to providing a superior customer solution that helps sustain your business. We not only promote the franchise concept, we will promote the name and address of the franchise business so that the franchise becomes popular soon; Franchisees are allowed to use their existing business name or they will register their business name as per their convenience for GST (if required), business license (if required), company formation etc. So that tax etc. or service operation procedure is done correctly as per rules, because we can neither promise nor provide any such service.

NO LIABILITY: No car wash is perfect, mostly after washing and cleaning your vehicle, you can see pre-scratches, dents, oxidized or painted, loose moldings or cracks in the windshield, these complaints are very clearly seen after washing can go. So, be aware and understand that ‘The Detailing Gang’ cannot be held responsible or liable for any pre-existing condition of your vehicle. Hot windshields can break due to existing nicks, chips, or cracks when cold or hot water or steam is applied. Including, but not limited to, windshield wipers, bug shields, power antennas, license plates, etc. or any non-factory (after-market) or non-OEM parts (original equipment from the manufacturer). Modified vehicles that are lowered or lifted, damage occurring during wash due to an aftermarket part, or where the car wash assisted previously damaged or worn part of the vehicle to fail. The Detailing Gang cannot be held liable for any damage due to certain conditions including, but not limited to; pre-existing scratches, weak stitching or seals in cloth or vinyl convertible tops, power antennas not retracted, vehicle collision from other patrons, or not following vehicle guidance directions from the wash crew.

There is no warranty or guarantee for any of our services, machinery and equipment.

NO LICENSE: We 'The Detailing Gang' neither provide any driving license to our franchisee or any entity nor do we undertake to do so; AND WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY TRADE CERTIFICATE/LICENSE TO OUR FRANCHIES OR ANY Entity, nor do we promise to do so. And we do not grant any permits to our franchise or any organization, nor do we promise to do so.