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Meguiars Ceramic Coating | Delhi

When it comes to protecting your car’s gleaming finish, few products offer the advanced protection and shine of ceramic coatings. Among the leaders in this industry is Meguiar's, a brand with a storied history and a commitment to quality that has earned it a loyal following among car enthusiasts and auto detailers

Meguiars Ceramic Coating

The Rich History of Meguiar’s

Founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar Jr., Meguiar’s started as a small furniture polish manufacturer. Over the years, it has grown into a renowned global leader in automotive care products, known for its innovative solutions and high-quality standards.

From Furniture to Automotive Industry

Frank Meguiar’s journey began with a humble bottle of furniture polish that was crafted in a makeshift laboratory in his garage. Over time, the quality of his product caught the attention of carriages and the burgeoning automotive industry. By the 1950s, Meguiar’s had become a staple in the automotive world, known for its waxes and polishes.

3M Acquires Meguiar’s

In 2008, 3M (originally the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) made a significant move by acquiring Meguiar's, adding the respected car care brand to its extensive product range.This acquisition allowed Meguiar’s to benefit from 3M’s extensive research and development, boosting its product innovation and market reach. (Source:

What This Means for Consumers

With 3M's acquisition, Meguiar gained access to a wealth of resources and advanced technology. As a result, consumers now benefit from products that maintain Meguiar's renowned quality, elevated by 3M’s state-of-the-art innovations.

Meguiar’s Ceramic Coating Products

Meguiar's offers a range of ceramic coating products designed to provide long-lasting protection and a brilliant finish for your vehicle. Here are the details of Meguiars Ceramic Coating:

Meguiar’s M688 Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating.

A premium ceramic paint coating that provides long-lasting protection and a deep gloss finish.


  • High Gloss Finish: Meguiars M688 ceramic coating offers a high gloss finish that enhances the color and depth of your car’s paint.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing advanced SiO2 technology, this coating provides superior protection against environmental contaminants.
  • Easy Application: Designed for ease of use, the meguiars deep crystal m688 comes with a user-friendly application process that ensures professional results with minimal effort.


  • Long-Lasting Protection: Provides up to 12 months of durable protection.
  • Hydrophobic Properties: Water beads right off, making it easier to clean your vehicle.
  • UV Protection: Shields your car’s paint from harmful UV rays, preventing oxidation and fading.
  • Meguiar’s M688 Deep Crystal Ultra Paint Coating

Meguiar’s M788 Deep Crystal Ceramic Paint Coating

M788 Meguiars known for its exceptional durability and high-gloss shine, this ceramic coating offers advanced protection against environmental elements.


  • Hybrid Blend: The Meguiar's M788 ceramic paint coating combines the benefits of a ceramic coating with the ease of use of a traditional wax
  • Versatility: M788 Meguiars is suitable for use on various surfaces, including paint, plastic, and glass
  • Simple Application: Spray-on formula that requires no curing time, making it ideal for quick detailing.
    • Benefits:

    • Smooth Finish: Leaves a slick, smooth finish that repels water and dirt.
    • Extended Durability: Offers up to 6 months of protection with each application.
    • Enhanced Shine: Delivers a brilliant, reflective shine that enhances the appearance of your vehicle.
    • Meguiar's M788 ceramic paint coating

    Meguiar's Professional M888 Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating

    A cutting-edge ceramic paint coating that delivers superior protection, durability, and a mirror-like finish.


    • Professional Grade:The meguiar's ceramic coating m888 is designed for professional detailers, offering superior durability and protection.
    • Advanced SiO2 Technology: Provides a strong, long-lasting barrier that protects your car’s paint from environmental damage.
    • : Can last up to 2 years with proper maintenance.


    • Maximum Protection: Offers unparalleled protection against scratches, UV rays, and environmental contaminants.
    • Hydrophobic Effect: Ensures that water and contaminants bead off effortlessly, making maintenance a breeze.
    • Deep Shine: Enhances the depth and clarity of your car’s paint, giving it a showroom finish.
    • Advanced Protection Features: Meguiar's Professional M888 provides excellent water-beading, a slick finish, and high chemical resistance due to its 100% active formula.
    • Enhanced Finish and Gloss: This ceramic paint coating can fill minor defects and enhance the gloss of the paint for a superior final finish.
    • User-Friendly Application: Meguiars M888 ceramic coating is designed to be easy to apply and forgiving if high spots occur during installation, making it a user-friendly product for car detailing.
    • Meguiars M888 ceramic coating

Why Choose Meguiar’s Ceramic Coatings?

Choosing Meguiars ceramic coatings means opting for a brand with a legacy of quality and innovation.This innovative formula offers ultra-durable protection with enhanced gloss and slickness, along with remarkable water beading, without the need for a complex application or removal process.

Here’s why Meguiar’s should be your go-to choice for ceramic coatings:

  • Trusted Brand: Over a century of experience in automotive care.
  • Backed by 3M: Enhanced product development and technological advancements.
  • Proven Performance: Products that deliver on their promises, providing superior protection and shine.

How to Apply Meguiar’s Ceramic Coating


  1. Wash Your Vehicle: Ensure your car is clean and free of any contaminants.
  2. Clay Bar Treatment: Use a clay bar to remove any embedded contaminants that washing alone may not remove.
  3. Dry Thoroughly: Make sure your vehicle is completely dry before applying the coating.


  1. Apply in a Shaded Area: Avoid direct sunlight and apply the coating in a cool, shaded area.
  2. Use the Right Tools: Utilize the provided applicator pad for even coating.
  3. Follow Instructions: Carefully follow the application instructions provided with each product for the best results.


  1. Regular Washing: Use a pH-neutral car shampoo to maintain the coating.
  2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Steer clear of abrasive cleaners that can damage the coating.
  3. Periodic Reapplication: Depending on the product, reapply the coating as needed to maintain optimal protection and shine.
Before & After result of Ceramic Coating


Q1. What is the best product to use on a ceramic coated car?

A. The best product to use on a ceramic coated car is a ceramic coating maintenance spray or a ceramic detailer. These products maintain the hydrophobic qualities and shine of the coating.

Q2. How long does it take for Meguiar's ceramic to cure?

A. Meguiar's ceramic coating requires a curing time that varies with the product and environmental factors. It's generally recommended to wait at least 24 hours before washing or exposing the coated surface to water or chemicals.

Q3. How long does Meguiar's M888 last?

A. Meguiar's M888 is a ceramic coating designed for long-lasting protection. Its multi-year durability can vary depending on factors such as application, maintenance, and environmental conditions.

Q4. Can you use Meguiar's ceramic on glass?

A. Definitely Yes! Meguiar's ceramic coatings can be used on glass surfaces to provide durable protection and enhanced clarity.

Q5. Which is better: car wax or ceramic coating?

A. Ceramic coatings like Meguiar's M888 offer superior protection and durability compared to traditional car wax. Ceramic coatings provide a more permanent and long-lasting barrier against environmental elements, while car wax typically needs to be reapplied regularly.

Q6. Is Meguiar's a 3M company?

A. Yes, Meguiar's is now a part of 3M Company, which acquired Meguiar's Inc. to expand its automotive aftermarket products. (Source: 3M News)

Q7. Which colour is best for ceramic coating?

A. The colour of ceramic coating depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic for your vehicle. Meguiar's ceramic coatings are available in various colours, including clear, which provides a high-gloss finish without altering the original paint colour.

Q8. Is Meguiar's safe for cars?

A. Yes, Meguiar's ensures their products are car-friendly. They are formulated to be gentle on paint and other surfaces, free of harsh chemicals and abrasives that could cause harm.

Q9. What is the best way to maintain ceramic coating?

A. Regular washing with a pH-balanced shampoo, using microfiber towels, applying ceramic booster sprays, and avoiding harsh chemicals and automatic car washes.

Q10. What is the use of ceramic coating on cars?

A. Ceramic coatings provide long-lasting protection, enhance gloss, offer hydrophobic properties, add scratch resistance, make cleaning easier, and help maintain resale value.