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The Detailing Gang

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Finest Car Detailing Services in New Delhi.

Indulge in the ultimate luxury car care at The Detailing Gang (TDG) Car Detailing Studio Outlet. Explore a range of services tailored for car enthusiasts with high standards. From Flawless Car Cleaning and Sanitizing to Expert Detailing, Professional Rubbing-Polish, State-of-the-Art Coating, and Premium PPF (TPU) Services, TDG Guarantees Your Car Gets the Attention It Needs. Our specialized services are available to all car owners through our wide network of service partners in various locations in New Delhi.

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  1. Paint Protection Film (PPF) in New Delhi

    PPF, or paint protection film, acts as a strong barrier for your vehicle's paint. This clear film works like a superhero, easily fixing small scratches and chips by itself due to its self-healing properties. It stops rocks, sand, and other harmful substances from causing harm, keeping your car or bike looking fresh and clean. We provide a variety of top PPF brands like 3M, Llumar PPF, Tint and Orange, and more to meet our customers' needs and satisfaction. Now, enjoy a hassle-free, No Cost EMI facility on Credit Card for upto 12 months. Learn more

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  2. Ceramic Coating in New Delhi

    Ceramic coating is another powerful protection for your car after PPF, shielding it from chemicals and the harmful rays of the sun. This outstanding coating integrates flawlessly with your car's paint, adding a hydrophobic layer for extra protection. Sometimes called nano-coating or glass coating, it not only keeps your car's paint from aging but also improves its appearance, giving it a beautiful, shiny finish like a new vehicle. Now, enjoy a hassle-free, No Cost EMI facility on Credit Card for upto 12 months. Learn more

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  3. Graphene Coating in New Delhi

    Graphene coating is a cutting-edge technology that consists of a thin layer of carbon atoms. This coating is known for its exceptional durability, lightness, and flexibility. Graphene, on the other hand, is a carbon-based material that has been recognized for its incredible strength. It is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms. In the automotive industry, graphene coatings are seen as one of the latest advancements. Now, enjoy a hassle-free, No Cost EMI facility on Credit Card for upto 12 months. Learn more

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  4. Teflon Coating in New Delhi

    Improve the shine and luster of your car using our genuine Teflon coating services at The Detailing Gang. Protect your vehicle shine with our advanced 3M Teflon Coating at our Car Detailing Studio. Our special Teflon coating forms a strong barrier, shielding against debris, rust, corrosion, and other elements. Forget about scratches and dents, ensuring your car stays in perfect condition. Now, enjoy a hassle-free, No Cost EMI facility on Credit Card for upto 12 months. Learn more

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  5. Car and Bike Detailing in New Delhi

    Car detailing in simple terms is like a beauty parlor for your vehicle, giving your vehicle a complete makeover. It's more than just a regular car wash. Professionals carefully clean and refresh your car to bring back its original shine. Even though it takes a lot of time and hard work, the results are definitely worth it! Get ready to hit the road! In our car detailing studio, we also provide excellent bike and scooter detailing services at reasonable rates without sacrificing quality. Learn more...

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  6. Car Washing in New Delhi

    Get top-notch car washing services at competitive prices at our detailing center or right at your home. Restore your car's gloss and paint with our Super Snow Foam car wash, ensuring a fresh, polished look by eliminating dirt and grime. Our steam car wash uses steam to clean the inside and outside of the car thoroughly. This eco-friendly method is great for removing odors, bacteria, and germs from the vehicle. Learn more...

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  7. Car Dry Cleaning Services in New Delhi

    Upgrade your driving experience with our specialized Car Dry Cleaning Services. Our expert team excels at treating your luxury car interiors with care and attention. We follow a thorough process, using the precise amount of top-notch cleaning agents from reputed brands. We recognize the value of delicate, premium fabrics and ensure that only the finest solutions are used, avoiding any harmful chemicals that could jeopardize their quality. Learn more...

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  8. Car Denting and Painting in New Delhi

    As a car owner, you always dream of having a car that looks perfect and flawless, without any traces of damage, right? That's why our denting and painting expert team works tirelessly to fix dents and eliminate scratches, ensuring that your car's exterior regains its smooth and shiny appearance. This not only improves the look of your vehicle but also protects it from rust and further harm. Leave your car to us and witness its stunning transformation into a magnificent piece of art. Learn more...

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  9. Car Disinfection and Sanitization in New Delhi

    Ensuring Your Safety: Disinfection at The Detailing Gang! We prioritize your health with our meticulous disinfection process. Our powerful disinfectants, containing ingredients like sodium hypochlorite and Hydroxychloroquine, effectively eliminate harmful germs, providing a safe and hygienic environment for both you and your vehicle. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our thorough and reliable disinfection methods, where your well-being is our top priority.

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