The Detailing Gang is a group professional having passionate on car care services. Get premium services with original branded products of 3M, Meguiar's & Clean Boyz. We are providing all types of automotive care like exterior washing, interior cleaning, exterior buffing & rubbing, polishing, wax polishing, clay bar treatment, under body anti-rust coating, teflon coating, ceramic coating, graphene coating, paint protection film (PPF) with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)


Steam is the most suitable process for a thorough cleaning of the car instead of a water wash. Steam wash is eco-friendly and 10 to 20 liters of water is required to wash a car. Steam has a certain heat and a slight moisture content of water which helps to clean the dirt and at the same time it can also be able to kill invisible viruses, fungus, bacteria. Nowadays, steam car washing is becoming popular globally; hopefully the principle of steam car wash can replace the traditional car wash. Check Price

Steam Car Washing


Foam car washing is now the most popular of all; The foam car wash process is the next level of washing to the traditional car wash process, using high-tech machines with the highest cleaning efficiencies while using very little water; There is an advanced technology that mixes water and air to create a high pressure output so that one or two buckets of water is enough to clean the car. The traditional car washing process was gradually upgraded with advanced and advanced machinery. Check Price

Foam Car Washing


Car interior dry cleaning is important for health; a healthy interior can prevent unwanted bacterial or fungal infections. COVID-19 has taught us that interior cleaning of a car is more important than exterior cleaning.

We should be aware that car interior fabric is expensive which has to be cleaned carefully otherwise it will be disrupted or damaged by non-professionals; Sometimes, non-professionals use local or very harsh chemicals for quick cleaning without much labour that results in damage to delicate fabrics. Check Price

Car Interior Dry Cleaning

It is often observed that some car owners prefer non-professionals for cheaper price, which results in them having to bear more burden of expensive interior damage or bad smell. Check Price


Car Exterior Rubbing Polish is a process to enhance the luster and shine of a car; after a certain period of time, the car paint work surface becomes rough, scratched, slid and oxidized, leaving the original color of the car dull while the exterior of the car needs to be rubbed.

There are some important factors to be taken into consideration during car exterior rubbing, such as rubbing compound, professional or non-professional, whether by machine tools or manually.

Car Rubbing Polishing

Rubbing compounds play an important role for car rubbing or buffing, a low quality rubbing compound can damage the paint-work, leaving even its clear coat visible.

The selection of the brand and the grade of the rubbing compound is also very important for car paint-work; If you are not sure about these then you should prefer a branded compound for best results. Check Price