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The Detailing Gang

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TDG The Detailing Gang is exclusively for premium car detailing services like Car Cleaning, Sanitizing, Detailing, Rubbing-Polish, Coating and PPF (TPU) services. We are providing our services to each and every car owner through our service partners at all sites.

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Generally steam wash is a combination of water and steam to clean the exterior and interior of the car. Steam raises the temperature inside the washer drum, which causes the fibers to loosen and absorb water more efficiently, lifting deep-seated dirt and stains. It's hot enough to remove any grease and produce enough pressure to break down dirt, and gentle enough not to damage the surface.

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Car interior deep dry cleaning is most important for all the passengers and driver as they will be breathing in all the invisible dust, bacteria and virus which can cause serious disease; Healthy interior is most important rather than exterior.

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Dry cleaning is a process in which your vehicles are cleaned with a cleaning agent that is actually a dry solvent, ie does not contain heavy moisture; There is a combination of two processes, one is the spraying of a good quality branded cleaning agent and the other is the succession of dirty liquid from the deep surface of the item, while the result always depends on the professionalism and quality products used in the dry cleaning process.

Every car owner must ensure proper cleaning and dusting before starting the journey, or at least arrange for vacuum cleaning every 15 days in the following areas.

  • Engine
  • Dashboard
  • Centre Console
  • Entire Interior
  • Care of Expensive Fabric
  • Door-Beads

Car owners need to consider professional experts for interior dry cleaning, professional experts are aware of the fabric of expensive interiors that can be damaged by the use of inferior local cleaning chemicals, whereas professionals always use a good quality branded cleaning agent with the right dilution can save the fabric and extend its lifespan.


Rubbing is a process that results in the removal of stains and marks on the paint surface of the car and gives your car a smooth and clean look. It removes the dirty outer layer of paint from your car to get rid of scratches and other imperfections. It is recommended to remove scratches and oxidation coating for all types of automotive paint finishes. The rubbing compound makes the surface smooth and peel-free and makes it suitable for polishing.

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Car polish is actually an abrasive material that will protect your car paint; It works very finely and softly so that it does not destroy your paint. Before applying the polish to your car, you should rub your car and you need to make sure that the surface is smooth and fit to the polish to give a gorgeous look.


Disinfectants or disinfectant cleaners (also known as antibacterial cleaners) kill the germs that can cause many illnesses.

Our Disinfecting product contains several antimicrobial ingredients like (sodium hypochlorite, Hydroxychloroquine, etc) that kill germs.

A widely used method for heat sterilization which uses steam heated to 121–134 °C (250–273 °F) under pressure.

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We use world class disinfection chemicals which are human friendly as well as environment friendly. We use dilution fog prepared by the appropriate ratio of water and disinfection chemicals in the interior and then close all doors for a period of 30 minutes. After this, we will sanitize the interior.


Teflon coating is sometimes referred to as a paint protection coating or an anti-Scratch coating. Teflon is a fluoropolymer that has been chemically created, technically speaking. Chemours, a DuPont subsidiary, made the first discovery of the Teflon chemical compound. Later on, this compound gained popularity and evolved into a distinct kind of paint sealer. Teflon is a material that is good at protecting the paint on cars because of its non-stick, low friction, and dielectric qualities.

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Teflon Coating is a sealant-based entry-level paint-protection solution with a lifespan of 1 year; Whereas, Ceramic Coating is a pure crystal based coating paint protection solution with a lifespan of 5 years and PPF is currently the highest level paint protection solution in our country.

Teflon coating services are available at the customer's doorstep as well as at our Car Detailing Studio outlets.


Multi-brand ceramic coating and PPF services are available at our Car Detailing Studio Outlets with free pick-up and drop facility and an exclusive feature of Live-Telecast from our Detailing Studio Outlets so that car owners can watch everything live.

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