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Rubbing chemicals mostly target the uneven surfaces of cars produced by scratches, whereas polishing is preferred for improving the smoothness and gloss of the paint.

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3M Rubbing – Polish

American global corporation 3M is active in the manufacturing, consumer products, worker safety, and American health care sectors.

Sand scratches, oxidation, rough swirl marks, and water stains may all be easily removed using 3M Rubbing Compound.

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Meguiar’s Rubbing – Polish

Meguiar's commitment to automobile care goes beyond the design, development, and production of high-calibre, market-leading products.

Where the Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound leaves off, the Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish continues. It eliminates tiny swirls and minor scratches since it is less abrasive.

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Q. Do you have other brands of rubbing compound?

A. Yes, we are dealing in multi-brands, in case of out of stock, we might be arranged on demand.

Q. What is the difference between 3M and Meguir's compound?

A. Both the products are of good quality and both are belongs to 3M company, however luxury car lovers mostly choose Meguiar's.

Q. How long after rubbing the car needed?

A. There is no fixed time frame, but we recommend getting it done by a professional at least once a year, otherwise the paint-work may get damaged.

Q. Is wax-polishing necessary after rubbing the car?

A. Wax polishing is not required only after rubbing the car, it can be used after every wash so that the shine and luster of the car remains for a long time.

Q. Which is best, hand rubbing or machine rubbing?

A. Precise finishing is not possible by hand rubbing, we always use machine rubbing.

Q. Which is costlier between 3M and Maguire's?

A. Meguiar's is a little bit expensive than 3M; Luxury car owners have always loved Meguiar’s.