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Get your car more shine & gloss with original Teflon coating by The Detailing Gang, Okhla, South Delhi-110020. To enhance the life of the paint, several dealerships and auto detailing companies advise Teflon Coating as a treatment. In essence, this coating forms a shield over the paint, enhancing its gloss and sheen.

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3M Teflon Coating

Automobiles are shielded against road chips, rust, corrosion, and the effects of the environment by the 3M Teflon coating in addition to scratches and dings.

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Meguiar's Teflon Coating

Meguiar’s Teflon Coating is one of the popular and well-known brand Teflon coating. Meguiar's Teflon Coating, Exterior Car Wash, Ultra Shine Polishing, Pre-Coating Rubbing and Polishing, and Removes Minor Scratches.

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Q. Which teflon coating is best in India?

A. Teflon coating is sealant based coating manufacture by various reputed companies whereas 3M is most popular and trusted in India.

Q. What is the life and warranty for the 3M Teflon coating?

A. The 3M Teflon coating comes with a 1 year long lasting and 6 months warranty along with two free services and tests.

Q. Is Teflon coating necessary for a new vehicle?

A. Teflon coating is a paint protection solution out of three popular solutions i.e. Teflon, Ceramic and PPF, all can be applied on new or old vehicle for long lasting shine, gloss and paint protection depending on the car owner's preference.

Q. Which coating is better between Teflon and ceramic coating for cars and bike?

A. Both the coatings are very well, Teflon is a sealant based coating which is pocket friendly budget with a life of 1 year while the ceramic coating is a crystal coating with a life of 5 years.

Q. Which is best Teflon, ceramic or paint protection film?

A. All these are paint protection solutions with different life span and some additional benefits for which its cost increases accordingly; whereas, Teflon comes with a life span of one year, Ceramic comes with a life span of 5 years and PPF comes with a life span of 7 to 10 years subject to quality and brand.

Q. Can we do Teflon coating at home?

A. Yes, while you are professional otherwise its benefits can be different or even harmful.

Q. How long does Teflon coating last?

A. The lifetime of Teflon coating is generally 1 year while it comes with a warranty of 6 months.

Q. Is Teflon coating good for cars?

A. Definitely good for car paint-work, it is a sealant based protective shield for shine, gloss and minor scratches as well as anti-rust, anti-corrosion.

Q. How many types of car coating are available?

A. Generally, car coatings come in two major types: Teflon coating and Ceramic coating; however, other car coatings are also available such as glass coatings, alloy wheel coatings, plastic/fiber parts coatings, etc.

Q. What is Teflon Coating?

A. Teflon coating is a synthetic sealant applied to exterior paint-work to protect from minor scratches and to retain its shine and luster for a long time.

Q. Does new car come with Teflon coating?

A. Might be available at few dealers while possibilities of quality and brand variation especially in detailing studios.